Max Verstappen Went Face to Face with Godzilla at 2016 Singapore GP

By 10 months ago

During the final practice session of the 2016 Singapore Grand Prix, the red flags were brought out. As it turned out, there was an unexpected track invasion, though the unwanted intruder was not human. However, Red Bull driver Max Verstappen was in for a nasty shock when he discovered the identity of the invader.

The surprised Dutchman reported that there was a giant lizard on the track, and the Red Bull team could not resist poking fun. They quipped, “Face to face with Godzilla then, eh mate?”

Max Verstappen was just entering the third turn at the Marina Bay circuit when he spotted the large monitor lizard sitting in the middle of the track.

Fortunately, the lizard managed to scurry off the track just after Verstappen passed it. In the process, it narrowly avoided a collision with another driver who was fast on Verstappen’s tail.

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The bizarre incident came a year after a pedestrian wandered on the track during the actual race.

The lizard was likely an Asian water monitor, native to the region. Over the border from Singapore in Malaysia they were believed to be common roadkill. They were fairly quick lizards, with the ability to move at speeds of up to 40km/h.

Naturally, the Red Bull team had the perfect response to the situation.

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