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Maximum Time spent on the field by teams in a test match

Maximum Time spent on the field by teams in a test match

Cricket is an intriguing game. It can take us up to the brim on our good days and slump us down on the bad ones. Nevertheless, there have been cases when we play our heart out, do everything it takes to win the match but somehow the opposition finds its way to survive. Then there are those days when we see a flat deck, win the toss and bat really well but only to find out that the opposition batted better and kept us lingering on the field. Therefore, in this edition, we look at some of the longest duration for which different teams were forced to stay on field:

1. England (1112 minutes):

Test matches are regarded with a lot of reverence as it pulls us out of our comfort zone and tests our infallibility until the last ball of the day. Such was the case in the historic test match between England and South Africa on December 26, 1999, when the entire Durban was a spectator to something we normally do not witness. England captain won the toss and decided to bat. The batsmen did a decent job by putting up 366 on the board. It was time for the home team to stitch together and look for the first innings lead.

However, they crippled under the wrath of Andrew Caddick who eventually finished the game with the figures of 48 for 7 in his 16 overs and bundled the Proteas into a mere 156.The home team were forced to follow within hours of their first innings and were staring at a certain defeat. Nevertheless, little did the Englishmen know that the humble Gary Kirsten is coming out to play the innings of his life. He went on for 642 balls scoring a sensational 275 and stayed out there for 878 minutes. He batted the Englishmen out of the test match and made sure that the visitors spent a total of 1112 minutes on the field before the match was called off as a draw. It was certainly one of the most remarkable innings played in the game and will be remembered for a long time.


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