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Carlos Sainz Jr. States McLaren Comparing ‘Ourselves’ To Ferrari, Mercedes

Carlos Sainz Jr. States McLaren Comparing ‘Ourselves’ To Ferrari, Mercedes


McLaren are currently fourth on the Constructor standings. With 18 points, they are ahead of both, Racing Point and Alfa Romeo, perhaps two of their closest rivals. But McLaren driver Carlos Sainz Jr– who has finished among points in 1 race out of 4 held so far- has shared a rather interesting piece of information about his team.

He believes that McLaren are somewhere comparing them with the likes of Ferrari and Mercedes, clearly the two teams that are, once again, stacked at the front of the grid.

To that end, what did the McLaren driver say exactly? What was his point of contention regarding the once successful racing team, one for which his idol Fernando Alonso drove until 2018?

In that regard, Carlos Sainz recently shared his view on a host of things that touched upon his own form, the position of McLaren and other facets of the 2019 season.

“If we compare ourselves against the midfield, then we only need to improve in little areas to come on top.

“But we are not comparing ourselves against that.

“We are comparing ourselves to a car that is a second quicker at the moment than us.

“And that’s the target, to improve in every area.”

That told, it will be interesting to note whether Sainz can improve on his own performance whilst he’s clearly shared an actionable point for McLaren, where it stands today.

As the European leg of the season is all set to begin from the 2019 Spanish Grand Prix to be held on May 12, it’ll be interesting to note whether his younger teammate, Lando Norris can pull up a few aces?

Thus far, Norris, who’s bagged a P6 at Bahrain and a P8 at Baku has clearly been the more consistent of the McLaren drivers. This is both impressive and worth raving about since the Londoner is not even out of his teens yet. Should he continue the hot streak of form that he’s exhibited thus far, it’ll lend McLaren a competitive edge and may even push Carlos Sainz Jr.to up his craft.

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