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McLaren F1 Hold Emergency Talks Post French Grand Prix

McLaren F1 Hold Emergency Talks Post French Grand Prix


The McLaren team had yet another poor weekend this F1 season as Alonso retired and Vandoorne finished outside of the points to provide no respite to the team. Now reports state that a meeting took place between the race crew at their motor home.

The meeting’s agenda was to address the concerns of some team members post rumours that they were going to stage a revolt. But Stoffel Vandoorne did not clarify what exactly went on in the talk.

“I can’t tell you exactly what was said, but there was a little word of encouragement for the whole team. All the staff were there. It is difficult times for us. But everyone is pushing and we hope it gets better soon”, the Belgian said.

Vandoorne had another poor F1 weekend

Fernando Alonso had not held back his frustration during the race but he appeared to simmer down post-race. “I am one of 20 drivers doing the best job in the world, so I prefer to be here”, he told Spanish journalists.

“It is true we were very, very bad but I’m seventh or eighth in the championship, so I must be doing something [right]. It’s true we have not been very competitive but we are working, doing things, trying”, he added.

Alonso also suggested that new updates might be on the agenda. “I trust the team. We were very uncompetitive this weekend, but I know that new things are coming for the next races”, he revealed.

The media is speculating that Alonso might quit and if that remains the case, McLaren will be looking for a new F1 driver to partner Vandoorne. But team boss, Eric Boullier chose not to comment on the issue.

“It is premature to talk about Lando Norris but everything is possible. I can’t say anything more on this subject right now”, the Finn said.

“We are focused on Stoffel and Fernando, but I certainly will not wait to see if Santa Claus will bring me a driver”, he added cheekily.

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