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McLaren F1 Driver Carlos Sainz Shares Adorable Video from his Childhood, Driving a Car

McLaren F1 Driver Carlos Sainz Shares Adorable Video from his Childhood, Driving a Car

Recently, a video surfaced of Carlos Sainz Jr as a child, driving a toy car and doing donuts. It wasn’t long before the McLaren F1 driver noticed and retweeted the video, saying, “Delivering Donuts since 1997”.

Carlos Sainz Jr. truly believes that McLaren is more than the ‘best of the rest’, especially after a “special” fifth place at the Japanese Grand Prix.

The Spaniard qualified seventh and battled Red Bull’s Alexander Albon throughout the race. While Albon used a two-stop strategy to counter Sainz’s one-stop, he still managed to reach the chequered flag in fifth.

After his earlier drama, Charles Leclerc found another gear and was scything his way up the order. Unfortunately, it was far too late to reel in Sainz Jr. prompting Ferrari to pit him again in a bid for the fastest lap.

“I’ve been side by side with Lewis [Hamilton], and at the same time, I’ve been in the last 10 laps fighting with Albon, fighting with a Ferrari here,” said Sainz Jr.

“So we are not only best of the rest, we are managing that if something happens to the guys in front to sometimes profit, which is not easy, it’s not easy to finish best of the rest and qualify best of the rest as much as I’ve been doing in the last three races.”

“Trust me, it is tight, but we’ve been putting together very strong weekends. Probably this [result] was a bit more special than the others because of the pace we had.”

“This is the first time this year it has happened. Very pleased, proud of that. From my side, just an extended long first stint, a good start and good qualifying.”

In fact, not just Sainz, even his teammate Lando Norris has been quite competitive. They can be sure that with a bit more power and development, McLaren could be among the Big 3 teams.

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