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Mclaren F1 Driver Lando Norris Details Hilarious Milk Themed Birthday Plans

Mclaren F1 Driver Lando Norris Details Hilarious Milk Themed Birthday Plans

In less than two weeks, McLaren driver Lando Norris will be turning 20-years old. The young British driver has had an impressive debut season and been able to keep up with teammate Carlos Sainz Jr. Aside from Formula One, Lando Norris is well known for his social media presence and his fondness for milk.

In a recent video, the youngster outlined his plans for the birthday bash. Admittedly, he would be on a plane heading to Sao Paulo for the Brazilian Grand Prix. In his words, “I’ll be celebrating in the mile high club”, if only he knew what that term actually meant.

He continued, “I’ll be celebrating in the sky, probably by drinking a couple of gallons of milk. Maybe a tequila, probably some milk”

It is so well known that Lando Norris loves milk that a number of jokes have been cracked. However, he is completely unashamed about his fondness for the dairy product.

The 19-year-old driver’s Twitter and Instagram is often filled with recurring jokes and references to milk. The young Briton actually brings with him a light-hearted sense of humor that is severely lacking in Formula One. In fact, Lando Norris has been dubbed as the new Meme Lord of the F1 paddock, though he does not let it affect him on-track.

Coming to the US Grand Prix 2019, Lando Norris had an adventurous FP1 session when his head rest came loose. Meanwhile, Carlos Sainz had a massive spin, but kept his car away from the barriers. It was a forgettable session for McLaren as Sainz was in 12th and Norris in a lowly 18th.

It was worth noting that Pirelli were using the teams to test out the experimental 2020 soft tyres. However, what was really unexpected was seeing the Mercedes duo well down the order. Lewis Hamilton could only muster 8th fastest, while Valtteri Bottas was 17th!.

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