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McLaren F1 Hoping for More TV Coverage of ‘Invisible’ Carlos Sainz

McLaren F1 Hoping for More TV Coverage of ‘Invisible’ Carlos Sainz

The McLaren Formula One is not particularly happy about their portrayal on television. Or the lack of their portrayal on television, to be completely honest. Now the Woking team is holding “several talks” with Formula 1 how their cars have been covered in live television broadcasts of the grands prix in 2019.

After the works Honda debacle, the British team has steadily risen up the ranks with the Renault engine. In their second year of the partnership, McLaren is easily the fourth fastest car on the grid.

But after the Belgium Grand Prix 2019, Carlos Sainz pointed out that his car was on the television for just 15 seconds of the race.

“I cannot get into it, but I know that the team and the sponsors are not happy with the situation,” he said.

Meanwhile Sainz’s father, rally legend Carlos Sainz, said that at the Japanese Grand Prix 2019, his son still “seems to be invisible.”

“We are working on it,” McLaren sponsorship manager Daniel McEwan told El Mundo Deportivo newspaper. “We are having several talks with Formula 1 about it.”

“It is important for our drivers and our partners. We constantly work with Formula 1 to try to adjust and improve our visibility in the media.”

In all honesty, most of the coverage was mostly hogged by the top tier teams as they are the more heralded drivers. However, on the flip side of the coin, the amount of time that an F1 car appears on television, directly affects their sponsors. The sponsors funnel in a lot of money to see their brand emblazoned on the cars, and boost their sales and popularity.

So, when some teams get limited screen time, it could result in lesser exposure and lesser revenue. Carlos Sainz Jr was actually delighted with his Suzuka performance as he secured fifth-place. According to him, it was “more special than others” as he was so quick that he forced Ferrari and Charles Leclerc to ‘give up’ at Suzuka.

source: Autosport
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