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McLaren F1 Tease a Radical New Livery For 2020 With British American Tobacco Sponsor

McLaren F1 Tease a Radical New Livery For 2020 With British American Tobacco Sponsor

Mclaren are teasing a new radical livery change in 2020. CEO Zak Brown announced there will be a change thanks to an enhanced partnership with British American Tobacco (BAT). The British based tobacco joint will become the principal partner for the Surrey outfit.

Speaking on the partnership, team principal Zak Brown highlighted

We’re pleased to announce our enhanced partnership with BAT after a successful first season together. BAT’s transformation agenda remains central to this partnership, as does a shared focus on technology and innovation and we look forward to continuing our work together from 2020 and beyond. As we reach the end of the 2019 season, we thank BAT for its continued support.”

The enhanced partnership will help to further accelerate BAT’s transformation. This through its growing portfolio of ‘New Category Products’. These products have the potential to be less risky than cigarettes for millions of smokers worldwide. This should also help McLaren avoid F1 tobacco product scrutiny, an issue Ferrari faced with Mission Winnow.

A new sponsor further helps McLaren, which lost one of its major sponsor, Petrobras earlier this year. 

The partnership and livery change will encompass both F1 and Indy Car. However, the livery change will be more drastic on their 2020 challenger, the MCL 35. Luckily for fans , the Papaya base color will remain. Expanding on the livery change, Brown said.

Our car design, which we will won’t reveal until we unveil our race car in February, it looks quite special. I think you’ll like what the race car looks like with the various categories that BAT use on the race car. So I don’t want to spoil that debut. But I will say it will look quite impactful and be very noticeable on the racetrack. BAT is our big biggest partner but we will always stay core to our papaya. It is a kind of celebration of the history of McLaren and our colour palette.


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