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McLaren in 2019: Stoffel Vandoorne doesn’t seem to be interested in their progress

McLaren in 2019: Stoffel Vandoorne doesn’t seem to be interested in their progress

Stoffel Vandoorne

Stoffel Vandoorne doesn’t seem too interested in the progress of McLaren, his previous team – why’s that?

At the outset, Formula 1 is about as similar to other competitive sports as is a high-speed corner to a main straight. But if one were to examine it closely, there’s one major commonality that makes it similar to other sports.

So what’s that?

This is a sport that is fueled by the enthusiasm and talent of its youth. The young drivers possess not only the advantage of age on their side but also the freshness that beats most other experienced names around.


To that regard, Stoffel Vandoorne, the noted Belgian driver brought a spirit of freshness and vibrancy to the sport where he was expected to have turned around a corner or two. After all, that is what blokes like Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc and to an extent, Daniil Kvyat have brought in. Isn’t it?

But in 2018, McLaren benefitted more from the experience of a stalwart in Fernando Alonso than from the gutsiness of the Belgian, who, only a few days ago grabbed the pole position at the Hong Kong ePrix.

Could his lame turnout with the famous F1 team and the lukewarm response his efforts gathered thereof to be a reason why Stoffel doesn’t seem too interested in his former team’s improvement?

Who knows; who are we to judge also? But having said that, the driver responsible for scoring 12 points in 2018, including a best finish of P8 shared that he didn’t follow what McLaren did in the recently concluded Australian GP.

To elaborate further, he also happened to share that, “now I work for Mercedes so I know that we performed very well!”

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The 26-year-old driver also seemed confident and clearer about himself and his craft than ever before. In case you are wondering how, here’s a direct quote from the young driver that establishes the fact.

“This is where I want to be, and where I want to have a strong future,” he said.

“HWA will become Mercedes next year and I want to be part of it. That is my goal, to be a champion here.”

McLaren’s driver line up this year comprises of yet another driver who admires and idolizes the great Fernando Alonso; Carlos Sainz Jr. and the newbie Lando Norris, both of whom would be curious to open their and their team’s account in the upcoming Bahrain Grand Prix.

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