McLaren Applied Technologies have made the model of what an F1 car might look like in 2050, with the help of inputs from fans. They released a photo of the model earlier today and the sheer beauty of it is excitement enough for fans.

Check out their tweet here:

McLaren have tentatively (though they use the word ‘code name’ in their official statement) named it the ‘MCLExtreme’ or MCLE for short. They have envisioned an AI (Artificial Intelligence) program to help the drivers then.

Their explanation for it was pretty simple. “In the future we could get to the point where human ingenuity is replaced with an AI algorithm,” said Karl Surmacz, Head of Modelling and Decision Science at McLaren Applied Technologies.

However, they also plan to introduce a section where the driver loses all the AI help and has to manoeuvre the car with his own talent and skill, adding another dimension to Formula 1 racing, which will also increase fan excitement.

A top angle view of the McLaren design

And though it looks like it is light enough to fly, McLaren have confirmed that it will not, keeping in line with grand prix purists’ vision of keeping ‘racing on the road and not increase aerial congestion’, to use their own words.

The beast can apparently go at a fastest speed of 500 km/h on the straights, which only makes us shudder as to the amount of G-forces that the driver will face. Their sidepods will apparently open and close like the ‘gills of a shark’, which enables its terrific speed.

If this indeed becomes true, it could change Formula 1 racing as we know it right now. It will also present opportunities to develop AI, something which can make human labour almost redundant when developed to its full capacity.

Seems the machines are coming sooner than we think……