McShots Fired: McDonald’s Germany Takes a Dig at CS:GO Teams from the NA Region

December 25, 2020 6:01 pm

2020 has been a successful year for video games, but CS:GO has seen a surprising decline. The competitive scene in one of the finest FPS has been on the decline for a few months now.

The ongoing pandemic only added fuel to fire as the tournaments witnessed an unprecedented shift. Not just that, the arrival of Valorant, too, hurt CS: GO a lot.

In an interesting turn of events, McDonald’s Deutschland handed the organizations in the NA region an abominable burn.

Organizations in the NA region have had a pretty rocky year, despite ESL’s efforts to try to revive it. The tweet by the German franchise of the American burger joint refers to the NA region as a “retirement home.” 

The community in the NA region was in a state of despair as one of their favorite fast-food chains severely roasted the region’s eSports organizations.

CS:GO teams in the NA region are falling short on competition

The pandemic might have affected the Counter-Strike scene, but the NA region has been the most affected. All the attention has shifted to Europe, leaving little competition for the other regions.

Players from these teams have been on the hunt for new homes and, in other cases, have also migrated to Riot Games’ shooter, Valorant.

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100 Thieves announced their departure from the competitive scene a couple of months back. Team Chaos followed suit and left the scene to look for greener pastures when it’s IGL Joshua “steel” Nissan made a move to pursue a career in Valorant.

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In addition, 100 Thieves CEO Nadeshot revealed that the competition in the NA region had become rather disappointing after the pandemic struck. The teams also haven’t been able to compete with teams in Europe, leaving the players with little or no exposure.

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A lack of tournaments also means no income for the players. Unsurprisingly, many pros found solace in Valorant as the Riot Games shooter has seen heavy investment from across the world.

True, ESL is doing its best to revive the competitive scene in the NA region by offering more qualifying slots and a better structure. But only time will tell if organizations from NA will regain their crown.

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