Meet Ferrari’s 2017 Challenger : SF70-H

February 24, 2017 3:38 pm

Ferrari has unveiled its latest challenger and aptly named it SF70-H in celebration of its 70 years of existence.

After last season ended and teams got down to design their cars and by the time next year cars started taking proper shape the rumors were strife that Ferrari was going more radical than ever before.

Finally, months after the moment of unveiling is upon us and for once the rumors are true and the car a piece of vision of the future.

Ferrari has updated their livery and now features the white at strategic places rather than the 1970s look. The livery invokes more Italian patriotism maybe to reinvigorate the original tifosis.

But it is the engineering and design that woos the fans.

Not much has changed at the front with the stubble nose still carried over and the front wing standard across the teams. The brake ducts however are intriguing in terms of the cooling to be done via slits. And the suspension arms look mean.

It’s behind that where the actual magic starts, the side pods look like they belong to a star trek space ship and the sidepod opening belong to Alfa Romeo’s curves. The side pods in themselves are very aggressive and follows a long but sleek design language. 





The shark fins have returned after being absent of the Silver Arrows’s car but Ferrari had gone ahead with it and one step ahead has employed a tail fin at the end of it to further harness the wind flowing to the rear wing.

Having had a disappointing season last year, Ferrari has recalibrated its structure and is not shying from taking an approach it avoided in the past. In terms of the look, the car is already a winner and I for one hope that this car leaves other trailing behind.

Muktesh Swamy

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