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5 Memes summing up the British Grand Prix

5 Memes summing up the British Grand Prix

The weather was typically British on race day. The race saw a wet, safety car start followed by a quick drying track in most areas except turn 1. With several run offs and struggling Ferrari’s, Lewis Hamilton dominated his home race blew the championship race wide open.

Nico’s misfortunes seem to be going from bad to worse after a late 10 second penalty demoted him to Third. Here we bring you 5 nemes that sum up the 2016 British Grand Prix:

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1. Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso both nearly touched the walls


Credits: LCF1 Memes

By Lap 16, the Slicks were on. While most of the track was drying up fast, Turn 1 was troublesome.  Alonso and Sainz nearly kissed the walls as they spun out there. Luckily, both were able to rejoin the race without any further issue. The only one to touch the wall though, was Rio Haryanto in the Manor.

In fairness to them, they weren’t the only ones to spin off at turn 1, just the only ones who took comparatively longer to recover.

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