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5 Memes summing up the Canadian Race Weekend

5 Memes summing up the Canadian Race Weekend

The 2016 Canadian Grand Prix was a downcast but thrilling race weekend.  Lewis Hamilton has roared back into the title race as Nico Rosberg faltered once again. Sebastian Vettel gave the reigning Champ a run for his money, but ultimatley would settle for 2nd as Lewis took his 5th win at Canada. Bottas bought up the first podium of Williams in 2016. Meme’s that sum up the Canadian Race weekend are

  1. Magnussen causes a massive crash towards the end of FP3.


With most drivers and teams preparing for a qualification run towards the end of Free Practice 3, Magnussen was out on track, collided with the barriers. The damage to the car and the wall meant the final practice session of the the Canadian Grand Prix ended prematurely. Such was the damage done, the Wall section hit by the Lotus had to be inspected for damage.

Poor Kevin would not take part in qualifying as the car would not be ready in time.

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