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5 memes summing up the European Grand Prix

5 memes summing up the European Grand Prix

The European Grand Prix returned for its first ever running at the Baku Street Circuit. On the second longest circuit of 2016, the Drivers and fans both expected a thrilling but nervy European Grand Prix. While Practice and Qualifying so lot of yellow flags and runs off, the race saw very few incidents.

Memes from the European Grand Prix weekend are

  1. Ricciardo had a positive pit stop for the first time in a few races


Daniel Ricciardo and his relationship with the Red Bull pit stop experience has been a talking point over the past few races. After admitting he had been screwed out of it, Red Bull hoped it would not continue.

At least from their end, the team did the best that they could. Baku had one of the longest pit lanes, and a delay here could be costly. Red Bull responded, with the 3rd fastest pit stop of the race (Credit to the Williams team for a sub 2 second stop). Unfortunate the car would not be able to grip the tires and well and Ricciardo would finish 7th, after starting beside Nico Rosberg.

At least the team cannot be blamed for the pitsop at the European Grand Prix.

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