Memes summing up the chaotic Brazilian Grand Prix

November 14, 2016 12:05 pm

After more than 3 hours, Lewis Hamilton pulled off his third consecutive victory as Nico Rosberg struggled behind in second and Max Verstappen third in what was probably the finest drive by the 19 year old. It was an eventful race which had 5 Safety Car periods and 2 red flags. Quite a lot happened in those 3 hours. Here, check out some of the finest memes summing up the chaotic Brazilian Grand Prix:

The first couple of hours of the race was spoiled by FIA after they decided to start behind the Safety Car, red flagged the race soon, started it again behind the safety car which ran for 8 laps and then was red flagged again. The second red flag was questionable since drivers were more and more convinced that the time was right to race. But apparently Charlie didn’t feel so.

The decision was booed by the fans with a thumbs down as their patience was continuously being tested with the lack of racing.

Don’t cry Felipe Baby. 

Felipe Massa’s final outing at the Interlagos circuit didn’t go as planned. After running out of the points for much of the race, he crashed on lap 45 just near the pit lane entry in front of the large grandstand filled with Brazilians waving him in support. The pit lane entry was closed because of this. Felipe Massa soon began his final walk to paddock hanging a Brazilian Flag on his back wiping tears from his eyes, waving to the thousands that had gathered to bid him farewell. His walk in the paddock was every bit special as the crew members of Mercedes and Ferrari gave him a standing ovation which left everyone teary eyed.

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You’ll forever be missed Felipe. Your passion and heroic comeback following the 2008 championship loss will forever be remembered.

Max stages the drive of his career

Just when you thought Max Verstappen’s driver of the day awards were mostly pointless, he staged a comeback after Red Bull jumped the gun on inters and he had to pit back for full wets dropping him at the back of the order from second. With fresh full wets on, he went from 12th to 3rd overtaking almost everyone following the outside line finding grip where others were struggling immensely.

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He had a moment while driving second where he almost crashed into the wall but managed to save himself following a fine save.

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The Championship battle lives on

It was a disappointing race for Nico Rosberg who could have easily won the championship in Interlagos who struggled with poor pace compared to team mate Lewis Hamilton who won his first Brazilian Grand Prix. Rosberg even lost the second place to Max Verstappen only to have it back after he pitted for full wets again.

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Rosberg now has a 9 point advantage moving to Abu Dhabi and Hamilton has managed to give him a run for his money. Both are tied right now at 9 wins, with Hamilton having 11 poles as opposed to Rosberg’s 9.
Everything will be settled down in 2 weeks time and boy, oh boy, we can’t wait.

Our final meme goes out to the ever complaining personality, Sebastian Vettel. He had a decent race after his team mate crashed out and he himself spun early in the race. His rant over the team radio continued first against the FIA to let them race in such conditions and then against Max Verstappen accusing him of pushing him off the track (The accusations continued post the race as well). It is pretty hypocritical of him accusing Max of pushing him off the track, when he himself did the same to Fernando Alonso.

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