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Memes summing up the chaotic Brazilian Grand Prix

Memes summing up the chaotic Brazilian Grand Prix

After more than 3 hours, Lewis Hamilton pulled off his third consecutive victory as Nico Rosberg struggled behind in second and Max Verstappen third in what was probably the finest drive by the 19 year old. It was an eventful race which had 5 Safety Car periods and 2 red flags. Quite a lot happened in those 3 hours. Here, check out some of the finest memes summing up the chaotic Brazilian Grand Prix:

The first couple of hours of the race was spoiled by FIA after they decided to start behind the Safety Car, red flagged the race soon, started it again behind the safety car which ran for 8 laps and then was red flagged again. The second red flag was questionable since drivers were more and more convinced that the time was right to race. But apparently Charlie didn’t feel so.

The decision was booed by the fans with a thumbs down as their patience was continuously being tested with the lack of racing.


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