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5 Memes summing up the Italian Grand Prix

5 Memes summing up the Italian Grand Prix

The Italian Grand Prix, which marks the end of the European leg of races, has reignited the title and constructor races. Nico Rosberg claimed a win at Monza after he capitalized on a bad start by Lewis Hamilton. Ferrari also closed their deficit to Red Bull after a 3-4 finish and their first podium appearance in 5 races. Nico Rosberg is now back in the title race, 2 points adrift of his team mate. And for the F1 fans, Monza will likely feature for the next 3 seasons with the circuit agreeing to a deal with F1.

Meme’s summing up of the Italian Grand Prix.

  1. Utter Dominance by Mercedes


Monza is a tricky place with it’s long straights and sharp turns. Teams bring in new engine updates as well as modified aerodynamics for their machines. For some teams, like Red Bull Racing, this is a track that does not suit them.

Mercedes on the other hand have created the perfect beast mobile. The Silver Arrows have been far ahead of the pack, able to outpace any rival car using the Super Softs while the others use the Softs. It’s no wonder that they are likely to win 20 races this season! Both drivers are now hitting top form.

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