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Memes summing up the roller coaster Malaysian Grand Prix

Memes summing up the roller coaster Malaysian Grand Prix

It was a roller coaster race held in Sepang with engine blowouts, first corner crashes and some very fine racing. With such types of races, comes a whole load of banter associated with it. Here we bring you the finest banter/ memes from the race:

Credits: LCF1 memes

The first lap was a complete disaster for Sebastian Vettel who got out for the third time this year on the first lap, this time with a broken suspension after hitting Nico Rosberg. Rosberg held the door wide open and when he began closing it, Vettel locked up and T-boned Rosberg who spun and narrowly missing out on Verstappen.

Honestly, Sebastian is getting extremely frustrated with his Ferrari package for which he is attempting such desperate moves to move up the order. It is pretty unfortunate that the mighty four time world champion is having a string of poor form backed by a mediocre Ferrari package to make things worse.

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