Memes summing up the epic season finale in Abu Dhabi

November 29, 2016 12:05 am

It was a stressful race if not anything else. The start was crucial and both the world championship contenders nailed it. Hamilton was controlling the pace and even backing Nico up into his rivals. Nico Rosberg held his nerves and ultimately held on to the vital second place which was enough for him to win his maiden world championship, beating his team mate and childhood competitor Lewis Hamilton fair and square.

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To sum it up, it was the best possible efforts that either of the two drivers could give.

Here check out some incredible memes to sum up the race:

Savage. Complete savage.

The 2016 championship belongs to Nico Rosberg and all those who say he doesn’t deserve one because Hamilton faced his issues can keep on cribbing. But they cannot stop the German from taking the crown now.

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Lewis Hamilton’s tactics in the end were very controversial and people labelled Lewis Hamilton as a sour loser after that. Truth be told, he did whatever he could to try and win his fourth world championship. After controlling the race pace through the entire race, things got pretty tensed in the end when a charging Ferrari of Sebastian Vettel came into the game.

Lewis was trying to go incredibly slow, which meant Nico was backing into third place Vettel and fourth place Max Verstappen. The last 5 laps got even more tricky when the Mercedes team personnel including Paddy Lowe were shouting on the team radio urging Lewis to pick up his pace.

Questionable tactics but that is all he could do.

2016 will definitely go down as one of the worst Ferrari seasons of all time after they finished third in the constructors trophy taking not even a single win.

The main cause of their problems so far have been the strategies that they’ve deployed over the race course. Most of their lost chances have come down to failures in judging the strategy.

People expected Abu Dhabi shall be the same when Sebastian Vettel chose to extend his run on the soft tyres instead of responding to the Red Bull undercut. Thanks to their carefully devised pit stop, the Red Bull of Daniel Ricciardo was able to jump onto Kimi and Vettel was expected to land in major traffic if they pitted at that moment.

Instead the Ferrari pit board asked Vettel to keep on driving and wait for their call. Ultimately they converted his race into a brilliant one stop strategy thanks to which Sebastian Vettel from initially being sixth, was able to take the final podium from Max Verstappen.

A brave move, indeed.

Our final meme goes to the retiring Jenson Button who had a miserable end to his final race having to retire early on due to mechanical break down. He hit a kerb at a high speed and hence broke his front suspension. It was an unusual end to a brilliant career and certainly not what the fans wanted.

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You’ll be missed Jenson. You’ll be thoroughly missed.


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