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Memes Summing up the Singapore Grand Prix

Memes Summing up the Singapore Grand Prix

Last weekend turned out to be a thriller and the whole weekend had something or the other to keep the spectators entertained. From giant lizards in practice session to a stonking pole lap and a nail biter Sunday that saw Rosberg survive Ricciardo’s charge to take home the win and the championship lead.

Rosberg looked dominant the entire weekend and converted that a dominant pole by posting a half a second faster lap than 2nd placed Ricciardo and an amazing seven tenth faster than his team mate Hamilton in the twisty Singapore street circuit.

He drove a flawless race on Sunday and didn’t put a wheel wrong even during those tensed last 12 laps as Riccardo on fresh softer rubber eat away into his lead to come as close as half a second when they finally crossed the finish line.


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