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Most Memorable moments from first half of 2016 F1 season

Most Memorable moments from first half of 2016 F1 season

The Formula One 2016 season has been one of the most interesting seasons ever with crashes, last lap overtakes, the swapping of drivers between two teams and Red Bull putting up an impressive challenge for the dominant Mercedes. This season is the longest in the history of Formula One, with 21 Grand Prix. With 12 of the 21 races complete and teams and drivers currently enjoying their short summer break, we look at the most memorable incidents and moments from the first half of the season.


5. Alonso’s accident at Australian Grand Prix-

McLaren’s Fernando Alonso suffered a horrific crash in the first grand prix of the year at the Albert Park Lake circuit in Melbourne. On lap 17, while trying to pass Esteban Gutiérrez’s Haas, Alonso clipped the rear wing of the Haas driver at 305 kmph, colliding into the wall, flipping his car twice in the air and ripping it to shreds. Many spectators feared the worst for the Spanish driver but Alonso appeared unscathed from the crash.

Alonso was thankful and stated that he was “lucky to be alive”.

“I am lucky to be here and thankful to be here,” said Alonso. “I am aware that today I spent some of the luck remaining in life. I want to thank McLaren and the FIA for the safety of this car. I am alive thanks to the job of the last 10-15 years in Formula One. I was flying, so you see the sky then the ground, then the sky, then the ground. You want to stop but it doesn’t stop. It keeps going and going and going. It was quite scary, but at the last moment the car stopped and I had a little space to go out and I said: ‘I will go out quickly because my mother will be watching at home.”’

As a result of the crash, Alonso was ruled out of the following Grand Prix in Bahrain on medical grounds as he suffered from broken ribs and a pneumothorax, which enabled the rookie driver, Stoffel Vandoorne, to replace him. Vandoorne finished 10th in the Bahrain Grand Prix and became the first reserve driver to score points on debut since Sebastian Vettel in the 2007 US Grand Prix.

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