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Mercedes F1 Photographer Paul Ripke Quits Team Amid Fallout with Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes F1 Photographer Paul Ripke Quits Team Amid Fallout with Lewis Hamilton

Since 2016, photographer Paul Ripke has been employed by the Mercedes Formula 1 team. That year, he took a photograph of Nico Rosberg during the year of his world title triumph. From that point onwards, he became the official team photographer for the German outfit

However, the Heidelberg native made a startling revelation in the latest episode of his podcast “All Roads Lead to Fame”. Apparently, Ripke tendered his resignation with Mercedes after the United States Grand Prix.

Though it was note-worthy that his departure is not immediate, instead, he will continue with them until Abu Dhabi on December 1. Following that, he will no longer associate himself with the German outfit

Ripke confessed, “Somehow I was dissatisfied. My first race after the summer break was in Monza. I tried to do some things differently. That did not work out well everywhere. It was the race in Singapore, it came Mexico and at some point I realized that I was unhappy.”

Paul Ripke and Nico Rosberg

The photographer handled the Mercedes social media accounts, took photographs in the paddock and at PR events at twelve to fourteen races a year.

He continued, “I sat there at some point and told myself I do not want to be the team photographer at Mercedes next year.”

“I went there for two weekends and felt that I did not deliver the job I wanted to deliver. In Mexico and Singapore I was a real diva. Sometimes I’m a real idiot.”

Admittedly, his relationship with 6-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton also took a nosedive. “This year is not easy with Lewis. He does not really know what he wants or can do with social media. If he does not know that correctly, I’m not quite right. The relationship with him is then not as hot as it used to be. ”

Paul Ripke announced his decision to the Mercedes racing team at the USA race through talks with the communications department and team principal Toto Wolff.

Ripke: “I also cried twice in this conversation. I’ve realized that maybe it’s better for someone else to do that. I see the training on Friday for the 190th time, of course I notice less than in the past. I’m not totally excited anymore, but that’s what I have to be. Otherwise I can not tell the stories that I have to tell.”

Lewis Hamilton
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