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Mercedes F1 Reveal How Long They have Worked on the 2020 Car

Mercedes F1 Reveal How Long They have Worked on the 2020 Car

Although Mercedes have been dominating the F1 scene, the team cannot afford to rest on their laurels. Mercedes themselves know it and have acknowledged it as well. In a recent video, technical director James Allison spoke about the upcoming season.

He joked that people automatically assume that once the previous season ends, everyone takes a break. Then, when the new season begins, they ‘magically’ turn up with the new challenger ready to dominate.

However, Allison revealed that the truth is far from such assumptions. He also disclosed that the 2020 car was first conceptualised during the tail end of the 2018 season.

He also confirmed that they tested new parts of the 2019 car and formulating ideas for the 2020 machine, simultaneously. In other words, the new car isn’t born overnight. Instead, it takes months of hard work, conceptualising and ideating, before the final product finally takes shape.

So, by the time the Australian Grand Prix 2020 rolls by, the new car should be ready to hit the track. Given Mercedes’ form in the last few years, one wouldn’t put past them winning another title.

What about the Mercedes drivers?

Even the drivers themselves will be hard at work in the off season. Granted, they may take some time off to kick back and relax, but they will soon get back in the grind. The idea is for them to not slack off too much, or it will be back to square one.

It is also safe to say that the German F1 team will not be the only ones who begin work on their future cars early. It can be assumed that every F1 team will be preparing their current cars. At the same time, they would have even begun the planning stages of future F1 cars.

With the game-changing 2021 season approaching, all team will be eager to build the car that will dominate the next F1 era.

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