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Mercedes F1’s Dominance Allows Lewis Hamilton to Have Such a Life: Fernando Alonso

Mercedes F1’s Dominance Allows Lewis Hamilton to Have Such a Life: Fernando Alonso

Former F1 world champion, Fernando Alonso is not done taking shots at Mercedes F1 and Lewis Hamilton. This time, the target of criticism is Hamilton’s lifestyle outside Formula 1.

The British driver is in a prime position to become a seven-time World Champion in 2020. Naturally, this has thrust him into the public spotlight away from the sport. Interestingly. Alonso believes that his former team-mate would not be in this position without a championship-winning car.

At the time, the Spaniard was asked to compare Hamilton to the 7-time world champion, Michael Schumacher. However, he affirmed to La Gazzetta dello Sport that both drivers were completely different character.

According to the double world champion their respective cars played a massive role in their domination eras. Fernando Alonso also noted that Schumacher was more disciplined and laid emphasis on the team dynamics.

He said, “Lewis has a different character and lifestyle that would not be right if he had a normal car. His bosses would not be happy.”

Lewis Hamilton wants to add more diversity in Formula One

Would Lewis Hamilton enjoy such freedom with other teams?

On the other hand, lots of teams have different restrictions for their drivers, with regard to off-track activities. Mercedes seem particularly relaxed about Hamilton, and to an extent, Valtteri Bottas as well.

However, the likes of Scuderia Ferrari are quite strict about such ‘frivolous activities’. Apparently, poor old Charles Leclerc found that out the hard way when he got into trouble for skydiving.

Interestingly, Alfa Romeo did not place any restrictions on Kimi Raikkonen in his 2018 contract. In other words, he was free to do as he pleases and engage in any extra-curricular activities.

When speaking to Hungarian magazine Vezess, he said,“When I first talked to Alfa Romeo, I told them that if they complain about anything, if they whine, I won’t be here anymore.”

“There are many dangerous things in life, Of course I try to be careful, but I think it’s enough to talk about something if it happens.”

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