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What Mercedes can do with Pascal Wehrlein

What Mercedes can do with Pascal Wehrlein

Pascal Wehrlein

Right now Mercedes has three junior drivers under its wings. Esteban Ocon who is driving for Force India and thriving. The other is George Russel who just won GP3 and would move on to F2. The third driver and a matter of concern is Pascal Wehrlein.

The young German-Mauritian excelled in junior categories under the tutelage of Mercedes. Pascal WehrleinWhen the team couldn’t find a place for him in categories higher up the order, he was moved onto DTM at a mere age of 18. The boy, however, won a race the very next year and the championship a year after that. Amidst all this, his focus had remained on getting into F1.

Dutifully completing testing duties for both Mercedes and Force India, he continued to rake up experience. In late February 2016 he made it into F1 with the Mercedes powered Manor. He shone on multiple occasions taking the back-marker Manor to places it shouldn’t be on Saturdays. And when he finally scored points in Austria, he was widely tipped as Mercedes’s next star and F1’s budding talent.

All his good name eroded when rumors made their way that the youngster carries an attitude inside the pitlane. Ocon’s arrival and with Force India choosing the relatively unknown Frenchman over the German tattered his reputation.

Pascal WehrleinMercedes, however, were able to get him into Sauber for next year and Pascal Wehrlein is busy clawing back his fame. Scoring point on two occasions with Sauber has somewhat helped his case but the scare for next year continues.

Sauber are all but ready to further bolster their relationship with Ferrari. This implies arrival of Ferrari backed youngsters into the team. The result of which is that there’s a high chance he can be shown the door at the end of this year.

Pascal Wehrlein is a talented young driver who hasn’t quite received the opportunity to show what he’s capable of and develop into a better driver. But that’s a long-term prospect and currently, his management is tasked with securing the short-term future for him.

So here are the prospects that Mercedes have for Pascal Wehrlein:

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