Mercedes Reveal Reason Behind Netflix Absence


The Formula One Netflix series, Drive to Survive, has been making waves for a while now. It provided insider access to the various Formula One teams during the 2018 season. However, there were two big names missing from the star-studded roster, namely, Scuderia Ferrari and Mercedes.

To counter the issue, the series opted to shift focus on the smaller teams in the midfield. So, the likes of Haas, McLaren, Racing Point, Red Bull, Renault, Toro Rosso, Sauber and Williams shared the spotlight.

When questioned about their absence from the series, Mercedes pinned the blame on Ferrari for their absence. Since the Scuderia denied permission to be part of the filming process, the Silver Arrows elected to be on the same boat. Later, it was rumoured that Ferrari later granted access, but so far, there is nothing substantial.

“We had some good reasons not to join last year,” Wolff admitted in Melbourne.

“The main reason was that I felt that it was a big distraction and could potentially be a distraction especially also because our main competitor was not doing it.

“There is a different environment when you are within your inner circle in the team and you need to protect it, and [then] you have a microphone swinging over your head and a camera pointed at you.

“The media work already, as much as it makes Formula 1 and we must be grateful, has become a very big part of the race weekends. And I felt that doing more of it would harm us in our performance and this is why I decided that it was not for us.”

For now, the teams are in talks with Netflix for a potential second season. Formula One head of motorsport, Ross Brawn believes that all teams will eventually understand the value of these promotional activities.