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Mercedes Salute Missing Niki Lauda Using Iconic Red Cap

Mercedes Salute Missing Niki Lauda Using Iconic Red Cap


The atmosphere at Mercedes must be running high ever since they summed up their fifth consecutive constructs championship in Brazil. Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas joined the employees in the Mercedes headquarters in Brixworth, home of the Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains. They were joined by Toto Wolff as well to celebrate the fifth drivers championship for Lewis Hamilton and the fifth constructors championship for the Mercedes F1 team.

One important personality missing from the celebrations was the non executive chairman of Mercedes, Niki Lauda, who is still recovering from a Lung transplant, he underwent in August. Despite being missing, Mercedes ensured his presence was still felt and decided to salute the Austrian with a brilliant Red cap tribute.

Although Lauda is rumoured to come back to the paddock in Abu Dhabi, but a lot of it still depends on his medical condition. When asked about the same, Wolff said that he will be looking forward to have him back.

“I’m going to see him on Friday and I’m so happy to come back with the championship because he has been a strong part of this team,” he said.

“That’s why we toasted him with the red hats today. If he’s making it (to Abu Dhabi), great. But I am definitely looking forward to sharing a plane journey to Australia next year.”

“I called him and he said: ‘Thank you very much and I miss you guys’,” Wolff further added.

“He was sad (not to be in Brazil) but I heard also from a friend that they celebrated in the hospital until 11 in the evening so I think he enjoyed the moment as well.”


Lewis Hamilton, who earlier revealed how he didn’t have much high opinion of Lauda initially, revealed some information about the Austrian’s health as well.

“He’s just fighting to get fit. It’s not a short journey to recovery for him but he’s massively determined to get back, and on a plane and start travelling again which he loves so much,” Lewis Hamilton told Reuters at the Mercedes engine factory.

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