Mercedes Showcase the Most Precious Part of Their Formula 1 Car and Twitter Goes Bonkers

November 24, 2020 8:13 pm

What do you feel is the most appealing element in an F1 race? Some might say the cars, some say the battles on track. However, there are some who attain their daily dose of peace from the sound of the engines and the smell of burned tires. For them, a peek into the Mercedes AMG power unit is heaven on earth.

Mercedes AMG Twitter usually indulges in pranks on their fans and followers. All the admin does is take nasty digs at their Italian competitors and give us false hope about Lewis’ contract extension. Yet, once in a while, they reward us with sensation and emotion redefined.

Another one of these incidents took place yesterday. They took to Twitter and posted a picture of the Mercedes AMG power unit – the beast engine delivering 950-1000 horsepower, the key to the success of Silver Arrows in F1. Well, it is a dream for any fan to lay eyes on that seductive cohesion of engineering and speed. Naturally, Twitter lost it.

Fans and followers worldwide have been replying to the Twitter post by Silver Arrows reading, “Ugh, that’s hot.

The replies are obviously hilarious. However, their words define their appreciation for this effort by the Brixworth and Brackley workers.


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Mercedes Fans take a dig at Ferrari

They say the apple does not fall far from the tree. Well, the Mercedes fanbase is a stark example of that saying. Although the admin did not take a jab on the Prancing Horse, the replies would be enough to serve heartburn to Ferrari.

However, the fans did not stop there and continued to spice up the situation. Aware of Red Bull’s Power Unit dilemma post-2021 when Honda exits F1, they pushed one tackle towards the Milton Keynes outfit as well.

The Silver Arrows conquered their seventh Championship title this season. After winning the race at Imola, they have established a record with championship-winning cycles. However, before 2014, they did not have much influence over F1’s history books.

Although Mercedes has not been in F1 since the very beginning like Ferrari have, they never lost hope. After replacing Michael Schumacher with Lewis Hamilton, they never stopped working hard. Despite being on the back foot, the members did not stop striving. Well, they receive the fruits of their labor.

To elaborate further, they might have an extremely fast Power Unit, but that is not the only department working hard. From chassis design to team mentality, everyone just has one mantra,” no slack.” We wish them the best of luck and hope that they extend Lewis’ contract as soon as possible.

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