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Study Shares Mercedes Spends Around £400 Million A Year To Win Championships

Study Shares Mercedes Spends Around £400 Million A Year To Win Championships

Lewis Hamilton

The greats, as they say, do not just win or are known by their triumphs. True greatness, one feels, stems from one’s ability to give it everything in the pursuit to win. And the one who is doing that in F1 isn’t Ferrari, isn’t it?

Well, truth certainly is that there is just one team that has been able to dominate proceedings and completely outclass the others on the grid in this turbo-era of Formula 1. And it doesn’t make you Ted Kravitz or David Croft to understand who that is. It’s Mercedes after all.

In a simple statement of fact, Mercedes have been the go-to team that has dominated the turbo-era of F1. No other team has quite been able to match Mercedes, let alone challenge their authority on the track to an extent to dislodge them from their place of dominance.

Isn’t it? Ferrari, one can see clearly, have nearly drained out. Even at this point in time, they are enduring a mighty deficit to the team, that has once again, emerged as clear frontrunners of the grid.

On the one hand, while there’s just no stopping Lewis Hamilton, it also occurs, that on the other, there’s now an inevitable threat of Valtteri Bottas, who first won at Australia and has of late, utterly dominated at Baku, home to the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Add to that the importance of the team spending a huge amount in churning out pretty much whatever that is needed in making the British team stand out from those on the grid, it’s closest rivals being Ferrari and Red Bull.

Clearly, where it stands at the moment, there’s no third driver that seems sufficiently armed- whether in form or consistency, if not mindset- to break through Mercedes’ 1-2, a phenomenal streak that’s been evident from the start of this season.

Now interestingly, a report that covers Mercedes’ overall spending each year in winning the championship points to a simple figure, one that’s quite literally eye-popping:

The cost of winning the Formula One auto racing championship has been revealed in research which shows that over the past decade the leading teams each spent an average of $285 million annually.

Forbes elaborated the same in a more detailed report that shared the following:

“F1 cars run on gasoline but it is the technology that really drives them. Tucked inside each car is around 1.3 kilometers of wiring and more than 300 sensors, some of which give readings around 1,000 times per second. It allows the teams to make minute changes to the cars as they are hurtling around the tracks at more than 200 miles per hour. This can mean the difference between winning and losing as the grid is often separated by just thousandths of seconds.”

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