Mercedes Celebrate Susie Wolff’s Birthday in Hilarious Manner


Former Williams test driver Susie Wolff celebrated her 36th birthday and the Mercedes team decided to have a little fun. On their Twitter page, the team posted a video of Susie and her husband, Toto Wolff driving the Mercedes AMG GT.

The duo actually took turns in driving while the other rode shotgun. The video starts with Susie driving and making some final checks before she sets off. During the video, Toto’s glances at the camera were absolutely priceless.

When Susie cheerfully asked if Toto was ready, he gave a look as if to say, ‘I’m going to regret this’. A nervous Toto then cautioned her to take it easy and learn the track but Susie thought that she had only 1 lap when she actually had 2. When Susie happened to miss the apex, Toto had no qualms about pointing it out.

As they enter the main straight, Toto looked even more unnerved while Susie was having a blast. In lap two, Toto commented on how the lap was not fun at all but Susie disagreed. Then she said, “Think how much progress we’ve made in our marriage. You are actually staying in the car. The last time we did this, you chose to ask me to stop and you walked back to the pits.”

Toto then clarified that they drove together in Laguna Seca. As they ended the lap, Toto confessed that he was feeling a little sick.

Soon, it was Toto’s turn behind the Mercedes and he was relishing the opportunity for ‘payback’. As the Mercedes team boss strapped himself in, Susie couldn’t resist taking a dig. She called him a ‘not a professional driver’ and was not ‘holding much hope in this lap’.

Toto Wolff was certainly true to his word of getting payback as Susie looked absolutely terrified. She chided him for ‘trying to show off’ on the first lap but he had a crazy grin on his face. Amid Susie’s panicked instructions, Toto was having a whale of a time. When the lap was finally over, she looked relieved and asked him whether he was in control.


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