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Did Mercedes Discuss The Possibility Of Leaving F1 Altogether?

Did Mercedes Discuss The Possibility Of Leaving F1 Altogether?


Lewis Hamilton, it seems is sitting on the cusp of winning a sixth driver’s title (unless his Mercedes teammate, Bottas decides otherwise). Should that happen, something amazing would happen for the modern fans of Formula 1. For those who had grown up with the immensely captivating success story of the one and only Michael Schumacher would know that even the seemingly unsurpassable German can be reached in terms of title proximity.

And given the fact that Lewis Hamilton is driving the way he is, at the moment, it hardly seems that the British driver would break into any kind of a sweat. Or would he?

Isn’t it? And with all due regards to the seven-time winning driver, this would indeed be something special. That Schumacher’s amazing tally of seven world titles would then need just one more world-championship winning feat by Lewis Hamilton would tell everyone who the real boss of F1 is, in all fairness to everyone.

But just for a second imagine that Lewis Hamilton was to retire from F1 or at best, leave Mercedes? How shocking would that seem, right? In other words, imagine some form of a random premonition coming true where Lewis Hamilton is compelled to wait for a few more arduous rounds of battling before he would near Schumi?

How would that feel! If, in case you are confused, here’s something worth talking about. It appears that the five-time world champion’s team- Mercedes- had contemplated leaving F1 altogether. It so happens that the current team principal- Toto Wolff– not someone who’s a random leader, given the staggering success he’s come to attain made a confession that sort of surprised most.

So what is it?

“We had the discussion in the board because as a large corporation and a brand you need to choose ‘do you want to be in here for the long term?’ and go through cycles,” he explained via PlanetF1.

“There might be times that will be very difficult, like the early 2010s, and then there will be years that are great.”

Wolff, would further go onto add-

“Are we prepared as a brand to stick to Formula 1 long term and go through these cycles?

“Or on the other hand, is the environment changing and do we want to take the maximum success and then take a decision on whether to go or stay?”

That said, it appears that the rumors and talks had some legs after all for the simple reason that Mercedes have already entered Formula E with HWA RaceLabs, with a proper Mercedes team next season.

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