The 2019 Canadian Grand Prix was round seven of the current season with 14 more races to go. But the highly polarising race that had no dearth of drama saw Mercedes winning the 70-lap content albeit with a change in guard. 

This was to be the first time that both Mercedes drivers weren’t on the podium together. 

While at Monaco, Vettel bisected the two Mercedes drivers- race winner Hamilton and Bottas, who finished third, at Canada,  Vettel clinched another P2, and very nearly the race. But there was no Bottas on the podium. 

That said, toward the conclusion of the race there came along a slew of statements pertaining to the controversial five-second penalty handed over to the German driver who had all but won the race as a result. 

Among them were Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff’s comments wherein the Austrian stated his two cents about a contest where there was pretty much everything- yet another Hamilton race-win with the Briton being booed by the crowd and above anything, that immensely valuable sporting gesture by Lewis wherein he would hold Vettel up on the top step of the podium. 

2018 Großer Preis von Kanada, Sonntag – Wolfgang Wilhelm

Mercedes’ team principal had something interesting to state on Ferrari’s decision to protest the penalty, even as Mattia Binotto, Toto Wolff’s opposite number in Ferrari has shared “the decision is wrong!”

To this, he’d say-  the interpretation was according to the rules.”

“It’s clear that when you are Mercedes-biased you could say that was probably the right decision, when you are Ferrari-biased you could say it could have been interpreted the other way around,” he said.

“But it’s a little bit like the referee in football: There will always be a decision which polarises. And in the end, I think it’s great for the sport that we have emotions around it.”

A question now that seven races have been done. Will we see yet another Mercedes triumph at Le Castellet?

For starters, Lewis Hamilton, having won the 2018 race at France should give others something to think about. Mercedes, after all, are the best team at the moment, aren’t they?