Mercedes Update: Team Won’t Shut Down Engine Despite Stroll Failure

June 9, 2019 8:01 pm

The 2019 Canadian Grand Prix qualifying wasn’t the best experience for Lance Stroll of Racing Point. The Stroll-driven team perhaps may not have expected the kind of trouble that hit young Canadian driver in the qualifying run.

During the closing stages on Saturday, Lance Stroll’s car suffered a power unit problem, resulting in huge flames. Without a doubt, it was a scary moment that stood the possibility of giving a nightmare to the talented youngster.

But despite evidencing the trouble, Racing Point’s suppliers, Mercedes, have insisted that despite their customer team suffering a major snag on Saturday, they will not be using the new power units for Sunday’s Canadian Grand Prix.

In a race that’s had no dearth in drama, Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari, finally managing to upset the rhythm of the Mercedes drivers, denying Bottas and Hamilton a pole, Lance Stroll’s incident did surprise a few.

Leading publications elaborated on the story and stated the following:

So we need to understand what it was, which we don’t at the moment, so there remains a question mark over what happened. But overall I’m happy that we introduced a fresh engine and just take it from there, try to learn with every mile we are going to run these engines.”

Lance Stroll, who begins his home race second from the bottom-end of the grid had this to share having endured a torrid run on Saturday:

“I missed out on doing any laps in final practice and we had to go back to the old spec engine, which is several tenths down on performance,” he said.

To that end, here is what one may want to debate a simple matter of fact:

Have Mercedes, who’ve insisted on not turning down the power unit, made the right call? Won’t the decision taken by Mercedes impact Racing Point’s Sunday outcome at the famous racing destination?

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