Mexico’s Place on F1 2020 Calendar Under Threat


In a big blow for Mexican fans and Racing Point driver Sergio Perez, Mexico may not feature on the F1 calendar soon.

All this is inspite of the fact that it is a highly popular race, and it is the home race for Perez. However, it seems that the organisers are yet to agree to a new deal with Liberty Media for 2020.

With Zandvoort and Vietnam coming next year, two existing races would need to be sacrificed. This is because the ceiling for the number of races in the F1 calendar is 21 races for next year.

According to Hockenheim spokesman Jorn Teske to Kolner Express, regarding an F1 calendar expansion, he said “No. No increase has been suggested so it stays at 21 races.

“Apart from us, also Mexico City and Barcelona have no contract. It looks like Silverstone and Monza have new contracts,”.

“But we also have to wait and see if the people at Zandvoort can make their track suitable for Formula 1 in time. It is an ambitious goal,” said Teske.

Is this goodbye Mexico?

For the 2019 season the ailing German GP was rescued by Mercedes, who became the main sponsor. However, Teske was not convinced that the same could be said for the 2020 season.

“We are not talking about Mercedes, we are talking about Liberty Media,” he said.

Back in February, Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador admitted that he would probably pull the plug on the government’s funding of the Mexican Grand Prix.

Mexico’s departure now looks like a dead given, but Silverstone, Monza, Barcelona and Hockenheim are also in the same boat. However, some say that a new British GP deal is is on the cards. Meanwhile, Monza has also seemingly come to an agreement in principle and only the paperwork between the circuit and Liberty is left to be dealt with.