Michael Vaughan Completely Against PM Johnson’s Decision To Not Allow Recreational Cricket To Resume

June 26, 2020 12:12 am

Britain PM Boris Johnson announced that while Elite level cricket can resume in the country. Regrettably, recreational cricket will still have to wait. Former England captain, Michael Vaughan, does not agree with this decision.

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Michael Vaughan is against Boris Johnson’s decision of not letting recreational cricket resume

The country is beginning to ease restrictions on restaurants, bars, and other social gathering spots. Furthermore, sports such as tennis and golf are resuming as well. Unfortunately, PM Johnson is of the opinion that the ball is a natural carrier of the disease and hence, continues to ban it in the country.

Now, Michael Vaughan believes that this is completely nonsense. If other sports are resuming, then it is only fair that cricket resumes as well. On top of that, he says that all players can carry sanitisers. They use it before touching the ball. Moreover, other precautionary measures can be taken.

Hand sanitizer in every player’s pocket … Use every time you touch the ball … SIMPLE … Recreational Cricket should just play from July 4th … utter nonsense it’s not being allowed back.”

ECB continues to work with the Government to ensure amateur cricket can resume soon

ECB is continues to work with the Government in close proximity regarding the situation. The notion is to commence amateur cricket by on or around the 4th of July.

ECB believes that they will be able to come up with measures that will restrict the transmission of the virus. The global pandemic has already ruined an entire season of cricket. It is imperative that the game resumes under all categories across the country.

The problem with cricket is that an entire team of players are fielding. Therefore, at any given time at least two to three players touch the same ball. It’s not possible for players to sanitise their hands in the middle of gameplay. On the other hand, one can argue that it’s the same case with Basketball. However, it is being allowed to resume. As of now, there is no further confirmation on what is going to happen.


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