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Mick Schumacher F1 debut: German to make his Formula 1 Test debut at Bahrain

Mick Schumacher F1 debut: German to make his Formula 1 Test debut at Bahrain

Mick Schumacher F1 debut

The curiosity surrounding the much-awaited Mick Schumacher F1 debut has reached its crescendo in the last few weeks. And now, it seems, the much-anticipated moment is here!

In Formula 1, there are drivers and then there’s Michael Schumacher. He’s the synonym of greatness. He is that peak of achievement which, to this day remains, hard to better. But the common word about Michael Schumacher has, for the longest time, been about his health condition, rather the concern it generates among fans and admirers.

It’s Michael Schumacher after all. But this underwent some change when his son Mick Schumacher arrived on the scene. Everyone, in the past few months, has been wondering about Mick Schumacher’s F1 debut. This is, after all, no ordinary driver.

The reason why the curiosity surrounding Mick has been growing is not only because of the famous surname he commands. But it also because of the noted Ferrari factor.

So on April 2 the son of the legendary Michael Schumacher, a seven-time world champion, is all set to make his Ferrari Test debut. A Test Debut it may certainly be but nonetheless, it is going to mark a beginning to what truly promises to be a checkered career. In modern sport, the equation for success has panned out quite brilliantly for athletes.

To quote an example.

In Golf, it’s always Tiger Woods+ PGA Tour. In Basketball, it’s been Michael Jordan+ Chicago Bulls. Right?

So what about Formula 1, one might ask?

Mick Schumacher F1 debut
image source: Racer.com

Put Schumacher and Ferrari together and where the past decades serve as an example, the answer that one reads is success. Isn’t it?

To that end, it’s worthwhile to mention that the 20-year-old German driver had signed up with the famous Ferrari driver academy. And in exactly a week’s time, the German, who is rising through the ranks shall be driving for both Ferrari as well as Alfa Romeo, currently on the grid with drivers like Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi.

This racing weekend will mark the Formula 2 debut of Mick Schumacher. Interesting stuff ahead of us- right? And therefore, this keenly-awaited moment- Mick Schumacher F1 debut- is something that may provide an interesting parallel narrative to all the excitement that the 2019 season has already unfurled in front of everyone.

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