Microsoft Flight Simulator Becomes The Highest Rated Game Of The Year

August 17, 2020 10:03 pm

Microsoft has had a rough couple of weeks recently. First, news broke that the Xbox Series X controller is leaked and a few people were able to buy it already. Next, we found out the Halo: Infinite is delayed to 2021 and this is when the fans were extremely disappointed. This triggered a whole different debate where people questioned Microsoft’s ability to provide great exclusives like its rival Sony. Clearly, they have ‘work to do’. But, the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 seems to be a beacon of hope in these dark times for the company.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a unique experience

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a game beyond the conventional. No campaigns, no gun fighting, no storyline and it still manages to grab your attention. Its simplistic yet complex system that lets you understand the mechanics behind an airplane is just mesmerizing. And the 2020 version is definitely a treat to the eyes with its stunning graphics and lineup of aircraft you can fly. The game releases on August 18th for PC and Xbox users since it is a Microsoft exclusive. It is also available on the Xbox Game Pass. Take a look at its trailer below.

But even though the game has a very niche audience and fanbase, it is still the highest-rated game this year according to Metacritic. That is quite an achievement for both the game developers and Microsoft as a whole. The average score is 94 which is one more than Half-Life: Alyx which has 93. It is also on par with PlayStation’s The Last Of Us Part 2 that also scores 94.

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Praising the game, Eurogamer writes “Microsoft Flight Simulator can feel perfectly next-gen, but its greatest asset – and I think the smartest move Microsoft has made with this long-awaited comeback – is how it’s so firmly rooted in the past. This is the eleventh installment in a series that’s not far off hitting 40, and it’s approaching the landmark with style; rather than some messy reinvention, Microsoft Flight Simulator leans into middle age by doubling down on the nerdy detail that’s always been at the heart of the series’ appeal. It simply serves it all up with a bit more grace.”

From what we’ve seen, it is a thoroughly refreshing addition to simulation games. The comeback of this game is definitely a huge success and a lot of players will want to check it out when it releases.

Akshay Patel

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