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Mikayla Demaiter: The Hottest Hockey Goalkeeper

Mikayla Demaiter: The Hottest Hockey Goalkeeper

Mikayla Demaiter

Women’s hockey is largely an underrated sport because of the level of physicality involved. However, 19-year old goalkeeper, Mikayla Demaiter is slowly and steadily changing that notion. The girl from Chatham, Ontario has regularly showcased her prowess on the ice and become a valuable asset.

Demaiter played for the Bluewater Hawks, but she later left that life behind to become a model. She wrote on social media,

“Dear Hockey,”

“It is time to say goodbye. It is time to turn the page and move to the next chapter of my life, for the first time you will not be my number one focus.”

“I want to thank you for the places we’ve gone together. I also want to thank you for all the friends you have made me. My family sends their best as well. I know they will definitely miss seeing us together.”

Mikayla Demaiter
Mikayla Demaiter

“I am excited for the future because everything you have taught me will allow me to succeed. There will still be early mornings, new adventures and new friends, and I hope that I embrace them with the same love and passion I did for you.”

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“Thanks again for everything”

Unfortunately, not much is known about her hockey career prior to switching to modelling on Instagram.

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