Million New Players Resurrect Game Following Xbox Game Pass and Update

July 18, 2020 8:37 pm

No Man’s Sky keeps making it big with yet another update. With the Xbox pass, the Windows 10 release, and last month’s update that enabled crossplay, the game saw a huge surge in the in-game census. On that note, the devs dropped yet another update for the game, promising improved combat and increased possibilities of space exploration. Sean Murray, the programmer of the indie studio, Hello Games, was happy to announce this on

“Last month we welcomed over a million new players into ‘No Man’s Sky’ by virtue of Xbox Game Pass and the Windows 10 release. This, together with our cross-play update, meant that we are seeing some of our biggest ever in-game numbers, all playing together regardless of their gaming platform. It is genuinely humbling, nearly two years after first releasing on Xbox One, that there are still so many people interested in exploring our universe.”

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No Man’s Sky: Desolation will make a change in the NMS experience for the better

For those not familiar with the game, imagine Halo but if its focus was more on exploration and survival. But the game also has its fair share of combat. The game revolves around an alien humanoid planetary explorer called “Traveller” in the uncharted universe.

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Devs have been pretty regular in updating the game and including new features from time to time. The latest Desolation update has brought a roster of Quality of Life changes and new features. In addition to this, the game now allows you to customize your freighter. Along with this, it has also ensured new combat and in-game arsenal improvements.

As for the major focus of the Desolation update, expect a whole new bunch of exploration areas. There are a lot of deserted freighters out in the space with malfunctioning AI drones and security systems that are half-active. Some of these freighters are also crawling with hostile entities. The new update had definitely increased the opportunity for more exploration (and more action too). Also, you can use parts from the deserted freighters to upgrade your own.

NMS now has a larger community, thanks to Xbox Game Pass

This game has had a constant and steadily growing community over the years. It spread across platforms with its Worldwide release on the Xbox One back in 2018. Last month, the devs succeeded in bringing the entire community together with their crossplay update. Currently, NMS is looking at its largest in-game numbers ever.

The game crossed a significant milestone too that helped it achieved such an upsurge in the community population. The inclusion of this game in the Xbox Game Pass is undoubtedly a big step for it. This indeed seems to be the right time to launch an update as big as Desolation, right after having built this big a community for the game.

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