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Mapping the Milwaukee Bucks Growth Trajectory

Mapping the Milwaukee Bucks Growth Trajectory

The Milwaukee Bucks Growth Trajectory

Milwaukee Bucks 2016-17 record: 42-40 (6th in eastern conference)

Notable changes in the roster: None

The Milwaukee Bucks, hands down is one of the most promising teams in the NBA right now. They’re also the most overlooked team. They have unlimited potential by virtue of a specimen among specimens in Giannis Antetokounmpo. Not only did they make it to the playoffs last year, but also scared the 3rd seeded Toronto Raptors by winning the first two games, before going down 2-4.

The Core

Mapping the Milwaukee Bucks Growth Trajectory


Bucks front office was quiet for the most part this off-season. While that may seem like ‘losing out on opportunity’, it’s really about the ‘long game’. If they can avoid a series sweep in the mighty playoffs without their second option Jabari Parker, who is to say they can’t beat them with Parker healthy and on the team.

They have more than plenty of scoring options. Giannis can do-it-all. Reigning Rookie of the Year Malcolm Brogdon is a solid 1-2 guard. Thon Maker and Khris Middleton are growing leaps and bounds every season.

Chinks in the Milwaukee Armour

Mapping the Milwaukee Bucks Growth TrajectoryNothing is perfect and certainly not a young sports team. As good as they are, when the time comes, experienced teams will not shy away from exploiting their many shortcomings.

Bucks have a lot of talent on their roster but most of it is in the front court. Their back court, to say the least, is average. Apart from Malcolm Brogdon and Matthew Dellavedova, things are pretty beat.

Jabari Parker didn’t just suffer an injury last season, hew tore his ACL. For a 22 year old athletic small forward, this is really bad news. It remains to be seen how much impact he’ll make come playoff time.

They also lack veteran leadership. Jason Terry is pretty much it. Head Coach Jason Kidd will try to fill the gap as much as possible, but for this team, the need is much more.

The Verdict

Mapping the Milwaukee Bucks Trajectory

Milwaukee Bucks are definitely headed down the right path. They got a franchise player in the Greek Freak. They got a core of young guys and a coach who’s probably the best fit for this team. A high octane motor of a roster, a MVP calibre player, one heck of a supporting cast and a coach who will suck the best out of his players. The Milwaukee Bucks are up next.




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