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Mitch Wishnowsky Delivers a Massive Block to Deny Devontae Jackson

Mitch Wishnowsky Delivers a Massive Block to Deny Devontae Jackson

On Monday night, the San Francisco 49ers faced off against the Denver Broncos in a pre-season NFL match. Sometime during the game, Broncos player Devontae Jackson picked up the loose ball from his side of the pitch. He took off to try and score a touchdown, but met a giant 220 lb obstacle called Mitch Wishnowsky.

In fact, it was Wishnowsky himself who punted the bladder, which was later caught by Jackson. However, Jackson was helpless when the 6 foot 2 player came tanking down on him and left him flat on his back.

In the end, the 49ers seized the pre-season win with a score of 24-15, marking their second pre-season win in a row. Meanwhile, the Denver Broncos have slumped to their second defeat in three games, winning only against the Atlanta Falcons. Mitch Wishnowsky and the 49ers will next face the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, 25th August, and the Los Angeles Chargers on Friday 30th August.

On the other end of the scale, the Broncos go up against the Los Angeles Rams on the 25th and the St. Louis Cardinals on the 30th. The 2019 NFL season begins in earnest from the 6th of September, beginning with the Chicago Bears clashing with the Green Bay Packers.

Last season’s NFC champions, the Los Angeles Rams begin their season against the Carolina Panthers. On the other hand, the AFC champions, the New England Patriots, kick off their campaign against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Coming back to the 49ers vs Broncos game, aside from Mitch Wishnowsky steamrolling Jackson, there were several other highlights. First and foremost, there was San Francisco 49ers rookie wide receiver Deebo Samuel. It almost seemed like Samuel had strapped on a pair of rocket boosters to his legs, such was his pace. While running up the sideline, he clocked in at 21 miles per hour.

The Broncos dominated in the 1st and 2nd quarters, amassing a combined total of 9 points to the 49ers meagre three points. However, the 49ers coach must have given one heck of a pep talk, because in the 3rd quarter, they destroyed the Broncos, amassing a mammoth 14 points to 0 for their opponents.

In the final quarter though, the Broncoes put up a massive fight and the final score read 6-7 in the 49ers favor. This resulted in San Francisco winning 24-15, as they head into their next game in high spirits.

Jackson dodged the first 49ers tackle to carry the ball past the 20-yard line. Unfortunately, he could not evade the second San Francisco wave, led by Mitch Wishnowsky.

Wishnowsky made a beeline down the middle of the field after kicking off to find Jackson head-on at the 23-yard line, where he promptly put an end to the kick return.

Wishnowsky squared up, lowered his shoulders and delivered a textbook tackle that sent Jackson flying backward and on the turf. That move seemed like a throwback to his days playing Aussie rules football growing up in Western Australia. The 27-year old would have made a fine lineback, but a shoulder injury put paid to that.

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