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Mitchell Trubisky at Blame as Bears Get Thumped by Packers in the First Week of NFL 2019

Mitchell Trubisky at Blame as Bears Get Thumped by Packers in the First Week of NFL 2019

Mitchell Trubisky

Chicago Bears suffered a heavy defeat to the Green Bay Packers in the first week of NFL. For all the attacking creativity of their coach Matt Nagy, the Bears finished with a score of three. Mitchell Trubisky, their quarterback wasn’t at his best.

“Three points is ridiculous, obviously unacceptable,” Nagy said after the game.

“Starts with me, so this — I just told the guys in there, this is not who we are. I was proud of our defense. I thought they played their ass off tonight. Offensively, not good enough. And we’re going to fix it. Our guys know that.

“We have a locker room of high-character people. That’s why we bring these guys in because what they do is, they don’t point fingers. The defense doesn’t point fingers and say the offense should have played better. That’s not how we roll.”

The Bears’s venture of building the team around a 24-year old quarterback seemed to have started paying dividends last season, but Mitchell Trubisky seemed to be at the cusp of Bears’s loss on Monday.

Bears conceded first in the second quarter when Aaron Rodgers uncorked a 47-yard pass to Marquez Valdes-Scantling to flip the field eventually leading to a touchdown.

While his Packers counterpart looked as good as he ever was, Trubisky, the first Bears quarterback since Jim McMahon in 1986 to be named to the Pro Bowl looked all over the place.

“Not that good. Not that good,” Trubisky responded when asked how he’d assess his play. “Definitely left a lot of plays out there. Just myself as an offense, we really couldn’t find a rhythm there. Struggled on third down, obviously. That was apparent. We’ve got to be better on first and second down, to stay in manageable situations on third down. I felt like I made some good throws here and there, made some good decisions for the most part, but I think it was just sloppy by myself and as an offense as a whole, just going through all our procedures. It was just tough. We couldn’t find a rhythm.

“It’s really frustrating because it’s very uncharacteristic of this offense, especially the way we’ve been practicing. But the type of guys we’ve got in there, obviously we had our defense, special teams battled all night to keep us in it, so we’ve just got to continue to pull together, look within ourselves and find answers to make sure we’re not feeling like this again.”

Trubisky’s ended the game with a passing stats of 26-of-45 for 228 yards, zero TDs and one INT for a 62.1 passer rating with five sacks taken.

“I definitely feel like I let a lot of my teammates down and the fans down with the way I played, and I definitely felt like I could have done better,” Trubisky said.

“We knew if we could get Mitchell Trubisky to play quarterback, we could win,’’ Packers corner-back Tramon Williams told reporters after the game. We knew they had a lot of weapons, we knew they were dangerous, we knew all of those things. But we knew if we could make Mitch play quarterback, that we’d have a chance.”

But the performance of Trubisky on Thursday did not reflect the faith in him. The coach was ready to take a part of the blame for the quarterback’s performance.

I didn’t help (Trubisky) at all,” Nagy said. “I didn’t help him. I’ve got to help him. And then we’ve got to get the run game going. That’s 15 rushes in 65 plays, you’re down 7-3, but we — again, that’s something that we’re going to as a staff get back together and we’re going to figure out, okay, what are we doing as coaches and how can we get better to help these kids out.”

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