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Mithali Raj: Didn’t Expect to be Awarded Padma Shri

Mithali Raj: Didn’t Expect to be Awarded Padma Shri

The Indian Women’s cricket team captain, Mithali Raj, has been nominated for the prestigious Padma Shri award for her contribution to Indian women’s cricket.

Mithali expressed that since some of the great male cricket players like Virat Kohli were also nominated, she didn’t expect the award and it came as a pleasant surprise to her.

Mithali has played more than 150 ODIs with an average close to 50 and currently tops the batswomen rankings with 703 rating points. In addition to her ability with the bat, she rolls her arm over bowling some leg spinners. She was an Arjuna award recipient, too, in the year 2003. Mithali Raj also holds the record for the second highest score of 214 against England in test cricket.

She also mentioned in her interview that such awards would really prop up the young girls and players to take up the sport and excel in it. Alongside stating that, more and more people would keenly follow the international calendar of Women’s Cricket.

The veteran batswoman also talked about Indian men’s performance before the upcoming World Cup and said that the batsmen can play cover up for the weak bowling.

Edited By Komal Jain

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