“It’s All Worth It”: Despite a Crazy 2023 Season, Rangers’ Max Scherzer Happy With Championship Year

Published 11/21/2023, 11:00 AM EST

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When 2023 started, Max Scherzer would not have expected the kind of ride he had. Starting the year as a New York Mets ace, he found himself traded to the Texas Rangers. In a sudden turn of events, he transitioned from playing for a struggling team to becoming part of the eventual World Series winners. With such a massive turnaround, what was it like being Scherzer? How does he feel about this crazy year as a whole?

Recently, Mad Max was featured in a podcast where he shared his thoughts on the current season, discussing his perspectives and insights. That’s when the two-time World Series champ answered by telling how these things are a part of his life as a sportsman. But how did it affect his family?

Max Scherzer on his roller coaster 2023


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Max Scherzer recently came to the Foul Territory Show, where he talked about a variety of things related to his baseball career. The 39-year-old detailed his extraordinary 16-year career in the major leagues. But 2023 was an exceptional year for him. He started the year in a Mets team that went through a massive lull after a brilliant 2022 and then went to the Texas Rangers. How did this change affect him?

“Yeah, yeah wife and I definitely had a nice little reflection upon that on how crazy this year was and that it was all worth it. That’s why you do it, pack up the family and do whatever you gotta do to be able to win. It’s all worth it,” Max Scherzer said.

Scherzer had to move all the way down south mid-season. But the decision to trade was a joint one. Both Mad Max and the Amazin’ Mets wanted it for a simple reason. Their ambitions didn’t match. Mets saw 2024 as a transition year and Scherzer wanted to win. As a result, he went to the Lone Stars.

But all’s well that ends well. That’s exactly what happened with Scherzer, as he became a part of history. The Texas Rangers won their first World Series title and Scherzer got to pitch in game 3 of the Fall Classic. After 2019, this was his second World Championship.


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Future plans for Scherzer

Mad Max will remain in Texas for the final year of his contract. Though he has been a part of the roster only briefly, he’s already trying to strengthen the team. He pitched Texas Rangers for Shohei Ohtani as he said how winning feels better than money. “Money is great, but winning is better, if you want to come win, that’s better than money, I promise,” Scherzer said.


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So that’s how champions carry themselves. With the 39-year-old already trying to recruit Ohtani, could the two-way phenom genuinely come in the Lone Stars? But the bigger question is, will 2024 be just as much of a rollercoaster for Scherzer or not?

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