With the progress made on the contract negotiations by Unite Here on Friday, Local11 has agreed to cancel the strike ahead of the All-Star Game and the occurrences related to it.

Levy restaurants of Chicago handle the concession at Dodger stadium, and 1485 of the total concession workers authorized a strike earlier last week wanting a new contract. 

Ahead of the All-Star Game, progress was made for the workers


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1485 out of 1500 food and beverage workers represented by Unite Here agreed to go on a strike earlier this week, seeking a new contract that is adequate for them.

The workers did not have any specific demands but were looking for a new contract. This authorization to strike came just ahead when Dodger was supposed to host the All-Star Game and festivities for the first time since 1980. 

Susan Minato, co-president of Unite Here Local 11, told the L.A. Times, “(Concession workers) are the backbone of our tourism and sports industry, yet many struggle to stay housed and to make ends meet. They often live with economic uncertainty because the quality of jobs vary stadium to stadium. No worker should have to continue living like this.”

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Unite Here announced on Friday that substantial progress has been made in the negotiations.  Also, the workers have agreed not to strike during the All-Star Game and festivities in the stadium. 

MLB stands in solidarity with the concession workers

The MLB players’ association has shown that they stand with not only the players but the workers who play a vital role in making the game successful. 

Association released a statement on Monday stating that they stand in solidarity with the concession workers of Unite Here Local 11. The workers deserve to be treated fairly and will have the 1200 MLBPA workers behind them. They are and always will be a vital part of the game that makes a game successful. 


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The workers of Unite Here at Oracle Park authorized a strike last year also. The strike last year was over the covid safety protocols, pay, and other matters. But, the problem was solved before the strike was even started.


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What do you think about the worker of Unite Here going on strike? Were they right to do so or should they not have canceled the strike ahead of the All-Star Game?