Heroes come in different forms. In 2003, a baby boy born in the Dominican Republic was destined to make history in Major League Baseball. A couple from the Caribbean found out in 2002 that were expecting and somehow, they knew they would become parents to a boy who would grow up to love baseball. The predictions were true – at 16 years old, Jasson Dominguez was hailed as an otherworldly talent on the diamond.

The father, Felix Dominguez had a feeling about his son’s future. An avid New York Yankees fan, he had always wanted to play baseball in the Bronx. In 2023, Jasson Dominguez is now living out his father’s dream as a Yankees rising star. But where did his name come from?

From Jason to Jasson, it’s a whole lot of Yankees spirit


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Felix Dominguez couldn’t make it to the Bronx, but having a strong gut feeling, he just knew his son would be one day. Born on February 7, 2003, the Yankees sensation was named after a Californian slugger who excelled at first base at Yankee Stadium. His name was Jason Giambi, formerly with the Oakland Athletics, but a Pinstriper by 2002.

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Giambi graced the Bronx from 2002 to 2008, leading the AL in stats multiple times throughout the years. For his talent, Felix Rodriguez did not only admire the Oakland star but decided to name his son after him, although with a little twist in the spelling. In Jasson Dominguez, that extra “s” might seem out of place, but it’s also an added element of strength and steadiness destined only for the Bronx.

Fast forward to today, the 20-year-old Yankees slugger is making headlines in the world of baseball. The Martian, the strong outfielder wearing pinstripes, has stunned fans with the unique capabilities he holds. Listed at 5-foot-11 and 195 pounds, he matches Mickey Mantle during his playing days. Extraordinarily capable on the diamond, Dominguez is surely not from this world. 

El Marciano – The rising star 


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When The Martian was crushing baseballs in Esperanza, little did one know that he was stealing every major league scout’s attention. One among them named the Young Dominguez – El Marciano, The Martian in Spanish. A talent not from this world, he has lived up to his nickname in 2023. 

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The Yankees ended up signing him in 2019 with a bonus signing of $5 million. On September 1, 2023, El Marciano became the youngest in MLB history to hit a home run in his major league debut. Dominguez ended the season after hitting four home runs in eight games, ending his debut early due to injury. 


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While the Bronx awaits a comeback in 2024, they expect more dazzling performances from the rookie. The Martian is coming.

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