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Abandoned By His Father, Yankees Legend Alex Rodriguez Opened Up About The Oath He Took Before Becoming Father In 2004

Published 09/25/2023, 1:30 PM EDT

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Fathers are the pillars of a family. Without their affectionate shade, a family can’t be completed, and that even impacts the upbringing of their kids. Though it’s pathetic to the child, lots of kids suffer through it. Alex Rodriguez is one of those millions of children who suffer through this painful situation. However, with his broken heart, he figured out his way to deal with it.

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Children are vulnerable. They learn what they see. Fortunately, the former Yankees legend didn’t follow his father’s steps and repeat the same mistake. Once during an interview, A-Rod opened up about this very personal issue and shared his promise to become a good father.

Alex Rodriguez Promised To Be The With His Daughters Forever


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Alex Rodriguez was one of the most prominent baseball personalities, but besides that, he is a great father to his daughters. He never let down his daughters in any situation. In 2021, the 2009 World Series Champion shared his tips for balancing personal and professional life and raising his daughters. During an interview with David Ortiz and his co-host, the legend brought up his father abandoning him when he was 10 and said, “So when he left, I was so heartbroken that I remember making a promise to myself. I said, ‘Dear god if I ever got a chance to be a father and I’m lucky enough. I am gonna make sure I don’t fuck this up like my father.”

He was careful about both his daughters, Natasha and Ella, so they never suffered through the pain that he felt years ago. While baseball was his priority, his daughters were at the top of his priority list. He said, “And from that moment, that moment I happened that I become a father 16 years ago to Natasha and then Ella, and then it was like the first, second and third of my life. And part of it is you got to work at it right? It’s got to be a priority.” Despite his divorce from his ex-wife Cynthia Scrutis, the legend still shares his daughters with her, and he even claimed they are still best friends.


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The 14x World Series Champion may have several strains on his glorious career, but no one could criticize him as a father. He raised his daughters along with his ex-wife. They provided the girls with the required support to grow up with a normal childhood.

Alex Rodriguez- The Support System to His Daughters

For A-Rod, his daughters are his world. This trio shares a great relationship where they are aware of every minute detail of each other. His daughters can even impersonate their father accurately. This unbreakable bond can’t be made overnight.


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Also, the legend is a proud father of his talented daughters. He, without hesitation, claimed to support them, irrespective of the situation. The girls are free to choose their careers without any restrictions. They know that no matter where life takes than, they can always find their father behind like a support wall.

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