Multiple ghost stories have surfaced throughout the years of the alleged haunted hotel named, Pfister, in downtown Milwaukee. This time, Tampa Bay Rays player, Yandy Diaz, felt conflicted by the idea of staying in a haunted hotel room. 

The hotel got built in 1893, and since then, it has gained a reputation of being haunted by paranormal spirits. Also, many other players have told stories about being a ghost in their room. 


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Diaz felt conflicted when the Tampa Rays players came to Milwaukee for a two-game series against the Brewers.

Did Yandy Diaz encounter a ghost or a paranormal activity?

Some of the players find the idea of staying in an alleged haunted hotel, while some just do not want to have to encounter a ghost or any other paranormal activity. 

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And while Diaz was already scared by the idea of living in a haunted hotel, his teammates pulled a prank on him to make him even more spooked. Before the game on Sunday, the players pasted a cartoon of a ghost on Diaz’s locker, written with ‘Cuidado,’ in Spanish, which means, ‘watch out.’

Diaz got so spooked that he even thought of staying in a different hotel but later got assured of getting a different room in the newest tower of the vintage Pfister, which was completely ghost-free. 

 Via the team interpreter, he said“All I want is (to not) have any ghosts in my room.”

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It does not matter if you are the 6-foot-2, 215-pound strong-built athlete; if you are scared of the ghosts, you are. Height or weight does not play a role in protecting you at all.

Did any other players on the team also get scared?

Maybe not during this tour, but players, either have encountered some kind of paranormal activity or they do believe in ghosts.

The outfielder of the team, Roman Quinn, is one of the players who believe in ghosts and has heard stories about them via his former teammates of the Philadelphia Phillies. The stories include the outlines of non-existent beings on beds, disappearing figures in the halls, and many others. 


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There is one other player, who does not care about the hotel being haunted at all, and that is the pitcher, Ryan Yarbrough. “I’m not too concerned,” Yarbrough said. “I’m not saying I don’t believe in any of that. I just feel like if you don’t try to overly concern yourself with it, maybe bad things won’t happen. But no, I think it’s fine. I think certain guys are very intrigued and some guys want nothing to do with it. So I’m just trying to be even-keeled about it. But Yandy is the guy.”

He also thinks his teammates are not people who won’t even play pranks on the ones who are scared. Just like they did with Yandy Diaz.


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Have you ever encountered a ghost or do you believe in them? Tell us about your stories in the comment sections below.