With each day passing, baseball is evolving as a game, as technology is also developing. This has led to new rules, innovations, and accessories that are being added to the game. The pitch clock is an example of a new rule that has been added to speed up the game and create fan excitement. But this new addition has led to controversy and debate only, to say the least. Most recently, a new set of regulations was added in the Minor Leagues that have failed to gain traction among fans.

Changes to baseball have always sparked debate, as there is a clear divide. Some supporters believe that change is good, whereas others say it is killing the game. The pitch clock, in particular, divided opinions. This most recent Minor League rule change has not impressed the baseball community. 

Robot Umpires have made their way to AAA baseball 


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Umpires have the toughest jobs in baseball. They are under immense pressure to make the right calls from players, managers, coaches, and fans. There has been a growing dissatisfaction with umpiring in the Major League for a while now and the Minor Leagues have added a new solution. According to ESPN’s Jeff Passan, robot umpires have been introduced in AAA baseball for three days of the week. This is an innovation to test the waters for possible robot umpires at the MLB level. Passan shared the news via Twitter.

In a Tweet, he said, “Three days a week at AAA, they’re playing with full robot umps, and over the weekend, umpires are in charge, with an automated challenge system.” In a reply to his own Tweet, he also continued, “The robot-ump debate is fascinating. A few key elements. – Full ABS = the death of catcher framing. A lot of people in the game do not want that. – The challenge system is very popular among on-field personnel. – Can MLB change the strike zone to encourage more balls in play?” 

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This is a radical change that would alter how baseball is played forever. Furthermore, it would remove the traditional personal touch that fans are so familiar with. Let’s have a look at how fans have reacted to this new set of rules.

How have fans reacted to these new regulations?

The reactions to the regulations have been mixed. Some fans supported it and others are against it.

Some fans are against the robot umpire.

Other fans are completely supportive of the robot umpire.


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What do you think of the new baseball rules and the addition of robot umpires? Kindly share your thoughts in the comments below!

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