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“Generational” is how the Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner described Juan Soto, hinting at a long-term deal for slugger. Then, Soto himself opened the door to negotiations. Now, the heat’s really on as manager Aaron Boone enthusiastically endorsed keeping Soto in pinstripes. Could a historic contract be on the horizon for the Yankees and their young superstar?

The Bronx is simmering with anticipation over a potential record-breaking deal. Talks of extending superstar Juan Soto’s contract have everyone buzzing. Analysts like Chris Kirschner and Brendan Kuty at The Athletic are predicting a massive agreement, potentially reaching a staggering $600 million. “It’s so much money,” they acknowledged. “It’ll also be so worth it.” 

While the Yankees extended their winning streak by going 4-2 against the Chicago White Sox, the buzz was all about Soto’s possible extension. Boone has seen Soto, perhaps more closely than anyone else. The Yankees manager deals with the Childish Bambino every day. More importantly, he has seen just how high Soto’s impact has been on the team. With predictions of a $600 million-plus deal abound, Boone was asked if he wants Soto to remain in the Bronx Bombers, and his answer was a resounding yes!


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Manager Aaron Boone isn’t shy about his desire to keep Soto in pinstripes, urging owner Hal Steinbrenner to pick up the phone and talk to the one and only Scott Boras, Soto’s powerful agent. “I hope so. He’s one of the game’s great players, and he’s been awesome in our room,” Boone said. “Since very early on in Spring Training, I feel like he’s fit in really well with the guys.”

Boone then went on to explain the big impact that Soto has had on the Yankees as a whole. “He’s made a huge difference with our team and our lineup (through) his performance between the lines. But the way he goes about things has been fun to witness for me,” the Yankees manager continued. “Fun to get to him in that way and to see how serious he is about the game while striking the balance… Really obsessed with winning…” 

When Soto was asked regarding the extension, he said, “My door is always open… If they want to call Scott and start talking about it, it’s up to them. They know the phone number and everything. They know where to call. For me right here, I’m focusing on playing baseball. My thing is [to] try to help the team win.” Even Hal Steinbrenner, Yankees owner, had expressed that he would like if Soto stayed with them for the rest of his career.

On YES Network’s “Yankees News and Views” podcast, team owner Hal Steinbrenner declared his unwavering desire to lock down superstar outfielder Juan Soto with a long-term contract, ideally “forever” as he phrased it. “We all know he’s generational, right?. He’s the complete package. I had no doubts he would perform here under pressure; zero doubts with that.”

Steinbrenner mentioned that he normally doesn’t do contract negotiations during the season, Soto could be a special case. “Well, I think we’d like to see him here for the rest of his career,” said Steinbrenner. “I don’t think there’s any doubt of that.” Yankees have not won the title since 2009 and keeping Soto for the long term will be key to building a side capable of winning the championship.

On the other hand, Soto’s “carefree” and “fun” personality has allowed the Yankees clubhouse to lose some of their pressure. As a result, the team looks transformed. That’s a thing that one cannot ignore.


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Why Juan Soto? The scorecard answers this question

Before Aaron Judge came onto his own, Juan Soto was solely leading the New York Yankees’ hitting lineup. From his unreal on-base percentage (perennially over .400) to hard hits, the superstar has been doing it all. However, that’s not the only reason why Soto suits this Yankees lineup. Two issues have plagued the Bronx Bombers in recent years. A lack of quality left-handed hitters and a right fielder. In Soto, they’ve found both. 

As for Juan Soto, the Yankees’ relatively short right field suits him (his arm isn’t his greatest strength). That’s part of the reason why he has suddenly started receiving praise for his defense, which until now had been his one true weakness. So it isn’t surprising to hear multiple experts and fans calling this a perfect match. However, even a perfect match requires commitment and Soto’s commitment is expensive.


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This season Soto has started 45 games and hit .302/.403/.517 with nine home runs and 34 runs batted in. This has helped Yankees to a 30-15 start

With a decision this big on the line, all eyes are on Steinbrenner to make the call and see if a historic deal can be struck. Will Hal Steinbrenner dial Scott Boras’ number before the end of this season? This entire situation hinges on that decision.